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back in the DRIVER'S SEAT workshop

The 1-day Back in the Driver's Seat workshop is designed to draw on the information, strategies and skills outlined in the Back in the Driver's Seat book to help people understand and manage their fear of driving. There are limited places so there is an opportunity during the workshop for discussion and for participants to relate the information to their own experiences. It is important to note that the workshop is separate to the 6-week programme, which offers individualised help including practical driving sessions.

The workshop is for people who feel anxious driving or travelling as a passenger. It is suitable for people who have never driven or would like to improve their confidence to return to driving or to drive in certain situations. It will be facilitated by Dr. Jacqui Triffitt, developer of the Back in the Driver's Seat programme.

The workshop provides a framework to understand anxiety and how our thoughts can impact on the way we think, feel and behave when driving or thinking about driving. Participants will learn practical tools and strategies to manage their anxiety and improve driving confidence.


There are plans to hold a 1-day Back in the Driver's Seat workshop in Sydney, on 3 March 2006. However the running of the workshop will be dependant on interest and number of participants. The cost of the workshop will be $ 295 which will include a copy of the Back in the Driver's Seat book. If you are interested in participating in the workshop please contact Jacqui on 03 62319220 or by 24 February 2006.

Contact: For further information or to register contact 03 62319220

Also contact this number or email if you are interested in attending future Back in the Driver's Seat workshops. These can be arranged in all States dependant on interest.





understanding, challenging and managing the fear of driving

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