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Driving is a skill and activity that most of us take for granted in everyday life. People drive both out of necessity and enjoyment. However for some individuals even the thought of driving and being in the ‘driver’s seat’ can feel terrifying, triggering anxiety symptoms such as pounding heart, sweating, shakiness and feeling sick.

How does this relate to you? Read through and answer the next few questions.

Do you feel overly anxious when you are:
  • travelling as a passenger
  • driving on your own
  • driving generally
  • driving in a specific situation such as in busy traffic, over a bridge or in particular weather conditions
Do you avoid:
  • travelling as a passenger
  • driving alone
  • driving with passengers
  • driving in specific situations, conditions or locations
Does your anxiety about driving make you dependent on:
  • buses and taxis
  • family and friends
Does your fear of driving interfere with your:
  • lifestyle
  • participation in activities
  • shopping
  • independence
  • relationship with others
  • work
  • confidence and self-esteem

If you said YES to all or some of these questions, you know what it feels like to experience a fear of driving and the impact it can have on your lifestyle and self-confidence.

Back in the Driver’s Seat ™ programme

The Back in the Driver’s Seat: Understanding, Challenging and Managing the Fear of Driving® programme was originally developed in 1998. It is designed to assist people who have a fear of driving to understand and manage their anxiety and to improve their confidence to start driving or return to driving generally or in specific driving situations.

The programme is conducted in two formats: individually or in a group. It consists of six weekly sessions and three individual practical driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor. The practical driving sessions provide an opportunity for real-life practice and to apply strategies and skills discussed in the weekly sessions. Each individual develops their own return to driving plan by setting a series of goals across a range of driving situations.

The programme is currently only being conducted in Hobart. It is hoped that the programme will be offered in other States in the near future.

Contact the Back in the Driver’s Seat programme for the current cost of the group and individual programmes. It is useful to contact your private health provider to discuss whether a rebate is available in relation to participating in the programme.

Individuals who have participated in the programme have successfully achieved their driving goals and reported an increase in confidence associated with driving. They develop an understanding of their fear of driving and learn to apply coping skills and strategies to assist them to manage their anxiety in real life driving situations. People have also applied these skills to other areas of their lives.

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This video shows an interview on the Channel 9 Today show with Dr. Jacqui Triffitt and Zoe, who participated in the Back in the Driver's Seat programme and has overcome her fear of driving. They discuss driving anxiety, the Back in the Driver's Seat programme and the outcomes achieved.


understanding, challenging and managing the fear of driving

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